Types of schools

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The Secondary Technical School of Economics

Education in this type of school  prepares you to work in all the fields where knowledge and skills from accountancy andeconomy are needed.  After graduating this school you may be a cashier, a  storekeeper, an administration worker or manager assistant.


The Secondary Technical College of Agricultural Business

Education in this type of school prepares you to undertake your own business activity and to work in agribusiness concerns, which require knowledge and skills from productivity, economy, management and marketing.



The Secondary School of Hotel Management

In that type of school you can gain knowledge and skills from planning and designing hotel insides, organizing recreational and tourist events, managing hotels and gastronomical business, preparing dishes and customer service. After graduating the school students are supposed to speak two foreign languages  fluently, they can also undertake their own business as hotel, restaurant etc.


The Secondary School of Landscape Architecture

Education in this type of school gives you the knowledge how to design “ green” areas as gardens etc. You will also learn how to organize and take care after environment and especially about landscape in Poland and the whole world. The classes include painting and drawing lessons. After graduating this school you will be able to undertake your own business connected with landscape architecture or you can work in landscape designing institutions.

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