Dancing and singing band „Dzikowianie”

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Dancing and singing band „Dzikowianie”

The beginning of “Dzikowianie” activity goes back to 50’s & 60’s. At school there existed a lot of forms of after lesson activities as: poetry group, music group, dancing group and choir leaded by mgr. Halina Aschembrener and prof. Mieczysław Sawarski. In 1960, the headteacher Mieczysław Wciślik, decided to create the group which would represent proudly the folklore of Tarnobrzeg area. To Tarnobrzeg have arrived the old members of Singing and Dancing group “Mazowsze”. Jan Kowalski and Marian Kielbowicz together with school management, they created the folk band with students as the members. The band was called “Ziemia Rzeszkowska” In 1961 in the Band there were dancing about 16 people and in choir singed about 40 students. In the band there were 8 musicians In 1964 the group went to Lvow to give concerts, this fact meant a huge respect for young people playing in the group, and high aristocratic grade. In that way the fame of school group from Dzikow in Tarnobrzeg started spreading. Finally the band was renamed “Dzikowianie”. The group was also called “small Mazowsze”.

In years between, 1960 – 1970 “Dzikowianie” gave concert in Poland and in countries like USRR, Czechoslovakia or Hungary. For their activity the group was frequently rewarded with certificates and many awards. Money from prizes were spent for new costumes. At the moment the choir is leaded by Mr. Mieczysław Woźniak.

On photos below you can see band in the past, and in the present.


„Dzikowianie” in the past…



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